Loreal Paris – Triple Active Day Cream

Loreal Paris - Triple Active Day Cream

Triple Active - Multi Protection Moisturiser - Dry and Sensitive Skin - Day Cream - 50 ml

SL₨ 1,539.00

SL₨ 1,225.00

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L’Oreal Triple Active Moisturiser keeps your skin hydrated and leaves it looking glowing and radiant. Every day, our skin is under attack from UV rays, free radicals and pollution, which can leave our skin feeling dehydrated, fragile and aging.
L’Oreal therefore introduces its Triple Active Day Moisturiser with 3 actions

  • Long-lasting hydration: the skin’s ability to retain water throughout the day is improved.
  • Protection: helps reinforce skin’s natural protection against free radicals and the harmful effects of the sun.
  • Radiance: the formula, enriched with Ceramide and Vitamin B5, leaves skin looking more radiant.